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Project: ToolbarKiller
State Stalled
Members Eagle00789
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Description Continuering van dit reeds bestaande project
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The Toolbar Uninstaller is a freeware program to get rid of unwanted toolbars. Many programs come bundled with a toolbar that gets installed automaticly if you don’t pay attention during the installation. Even freewareprograms come bundled with toolbars. As time progresses, there are now more then 10.000 different toolbars and counting. Toolbar Uninstaller (TbU for short) will be able to find some of them to be able to remove them.

This is an existing project by me. But since i have missed the time to continue this project, i was hoping we as a community would continue this project. it should take no more than one hour a week to keep this project alive. All that needs to be done is strole about the internet, looking for new toolbars.

Source Code

you can find it here without certificates