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User: Pmwq
Role Participant
Committee(s) Party
Member since 2014/10/04
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Languages Dutch (Nederlands)
CAcert Assurer No
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Achievements Linkse Hobby, Facilities Frantic


pmwq's childhood home is identified in the forum posts of Luke and Matthew as the town of Nazareth in Galilee where he lived with his family. Although Joseph appears in descriptions of pmwq's childhood, no mention is made of him thereafter. His other family members—his mother, Mary, his brothers James, Joseph, Judas and Simon and his unnamed sisters—are mentioned in these forum posts and other sources.

pmwq comes into conflict with his neighbors and family. pmwq's mother and brothers come to get him because people are saying that he's crazy. pmwq responds that his followers are his true family. Mary follows pmwq to his crucifixion, and he expresses concern over her well-being .

pmwq is called a τέκτων (tekton) traditionally understood as carpenter but could cover makers of objects in various materials, including builders. The forum posts indicate that pmwq could read, paraphrase, and debate scripture, but this does not imply that he received formal scribal training.