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(sl)ACKspace v3.0 +slACKspace Pimpin'  +


3D Model +Make a 3D model of our hackerspace and XCBS building  +
3D printer +Print gimmicks, tools and toys!  +


ACK's LED +a LED which is always in the mood  +
ACKade +The ACKspace arcade. Game on!  +
ACKserver +Dell 1855 rackmount servers and a NetApp FAS 3050c with 3 disk cabinets  +
ACKsess +Knock knock.  +, RFID support was recently added, but not yet documented  +
ACKsesspoint +Create an all-in-one accesspoint/router  +
ACKspace defrag +A collection of projects and events that help keep the space tidy.  +
ACKstream music +Muziek speler voor hACKspace  +, De muziek-streamer is inmiddels vervangen door een nieuwe; deze moet nog gedocumenteerd worden  +
ADAT project +This project descibes the ADAT protocol  +
Andon light +Andon light/signal tower  +
Ant PCB Maker +Creation of an Ant PCB Maker to prototype PCB design. Also create needed manuals on how to operate it.  +
Arbitrary Sampling Rate Converter in VHDL +ASRC's: What, how, why?  +
Arc eye +a.k.a. Project Lasoog  +
Atmel experiments +Diverse experimenten met Atmel chipjes  +
Automatic window blinds +Connect and interface the existing window blinds  +


BarSystem +Building our own BarSystem  +
Blog +The new system uses an [[ESP8266]], which is not yet documented  +, Replace the factory car center console lights with a hackerspace state indicator  +, a.k.a. Project Lasoog  +
Buying stuff together +This page needs a better layout  +


CNC guide +Ondersteunend materiaal ter gebruik van de CNC  +
Christmas tree +Kerstboom heeft mooie lampjes en versiering nodig  +
Cisco 79xx +needs work/cleaning  +
Clock jitter removal in VHDL +Jitter removal in clock signals with VHDL implementation  +
Coinvox 22 +Get an old payphone to work again  +