Mead brewing

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Project: Mead brewing
State Completed
Members Prodigity
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Description Brewing mead

Mead is the oldest alcoholic drink known to mankind.

It's made with water, honey and yeast.
Several ingredients can be added to ensure a smoother/rougher/etc. finish.
I've added oranges for flavour and raisins to provide nutrients for the yeast.

Clean equipment thoroughly.
Fill a pan with 1 litre water.
Put pan on stove and set on high.
Add 700 gram honey when the water is boiling.
Turn stove off, remove pan from stove.
Stir the honey in the pan and make sure its completely dissolved.
Cut orange in half, dispose of one of the halfs.
Cut remaining half into 4 pieces and get rid of the peal.
Put the oranges into a glass bottle.
Add 12 raisins to the glass bottle.
Pour contents of pan into glass bottle. (if temp is not too high, otherwise wait)
Turn on tap with cold water and let the water run over (not into!) the bottle to quickly cool it down.
Add a packet of yeast to the glass bottle.
Wash hands.
If there is a cap for the bottle put it on otherwise hold your thumb on the end and shake the bottle for 5 mins.
Remove the cap/thumb and put a balloon over the bottle end and tape it.
Put the bottle in a room with a temp of approx 20C
If balloon start inflating poke a hole into it.
If balloon continues to inflate poke another hole into it.

How it looks inside the bottle:


Now we need to wait atleast 2 weeks to be able to have a taste (moreso for a good flavour)

Timestamp: Feb 24