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Project: ESP-2
State Completed
Members Prodigity
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Description Playing around with cheap wifi modules


To make the ESP8266 more accessible to everyone Prodigity has created a "programmer" which allows for easy firmware uploading and communication with the ESP-01 module.

Revision 1.1

xopr Modified the ESP^2 a bit:

  • Added three wires (VCC, GND and GPIO2) for Dallas temperature sensor debugging (wire ends are insulated)
  • Added pullup resistor was added so GPIO0 can be used after the device has been booted
  • Added resistor to the 5V ESP^2 TX signal (should be two diodes I guess, the resistor divider didn't work)


Note that there are adapter board that give the ESP-12 a 0.1" pitch and includes the necessary resistors. It would be handy, however, to have an adapter/socket like this or this with these

Location: hACKspace (in the right 'solder cabinet')