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used numbers

dialplan destination
(\+|00)([1-9]\d+) international
0[1-9]\d+ long distance
100 ring all onsite (ACKspace) extensions
10[1-9] onsite (ACKspace) extensions
112 European harmonized (emergency)1
116\d{3} European harmonized (social interest)1
1200 ACKspace portal (external IVR)
1201 alternate IVR (events)
1233 mailbox1
1244 prepaid calling credits2
130[1-9] listen-in event conference rooms 1-9
1331 conference rooms
1333 Key people (cell forward)1
1334, echo echo test
1335 delayed echo test
1337 Bergeijk
1357 local server identification
1377 remote server identification
139[1-9] party-line event conference rooms 1-9
140\d\d+ government services1
150 ring all offsite extensions
15[1-9] offsite extensions
16\d\d carrier select1
170\d+ reserved for future (expanding) purposes
17[1-9] participants extensions
18\d\d subscriber information service
19\d participants extensions
[2-8]\d{6} local numbers (Heerlen, 045)
9\d\d SpacePhone (interhackerspace enum extensions)
1) currently not in use
2) not available due to IP restrictions

To do: (valet) park, call intercept, call return, redial, paging

Dutch diaplan

Almost exhaustive dialplan, compatible with Dutch PSTN as defined by Ministry of Economic affairs and monitored/policed by Opta
dialplan regex type remark
01[12356789][\d]{7} Geographical numbers
014\d\d+ Internal network service
0[2357][\d]{8} Geographical numbers
044\d{3,11} European routing only 0444 seems available
06[123458][\d]{7} cell numbers
066[\d]{7} Pager
067([0-5]{3}|[0-5]{7} ISP access
0676[12345789] [UNREGISTERED]
06760[\d]{7} ISP access
067[7-9]\d\d [UNREGISTERED]
0800(\d{4}|\d{7}) Toll free information numbers
082\d+ VPN
08[47][\d]{7} Personal assistant services
0(85|91)\d{7} General Electronic communications
088[\d]{7} Business numbers
090[069](\d{4}|\d{7}) Paid information numbers
09[2345689] [UNREGISTERED]
0970[\d]{8} available?
10\d{3} Carrier select ACKspace main (10xx)
112 European harmonized
116\d{3} European harmonized
120[0-4] Harmonized for own network Customer service
1233 Direct voicemail Voicemail
1234 Voice dial
1244 Pre paid service menu
13[03-9]\d Local network facilities special services
131 Hide caller ID
132 Show caller ID
14\d{2,3} Harmonised services of social value General Affairs Department
16\d\d Carrier select
17[0-8][\d] [UNREGISTERED] TBD.
18([02-9]\d|1[0-79]) Subscriber information service (except 1818)
19[\d]{3} [UNREGISTERED] Registered users external
(045) 2201000-2299999 [AVAILABLE] Local emergency call
(045) 4200000-4299999 [AVAILABLE] Xopr(?)
(045) 4400000-4499999 [AVAILABLE] Local emergency call
(045) 9[\d]* [UNREGISTERED] (Local) emergency call, 911, 999
2222|4444|112|911|999 (Local) emergency call

Also note that 085 can have a special tariff

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