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Project: ACKade
Featured: No
State Completed
Members PsychiC, Da Syntax, Prodigity, Computer1up, Stuiterveer
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Description The ACKspace arcade. Game on!

We have a working arcade cabinet!

Everybody knows gaming can be a stress relief, so when visiting ACKspace for some social gathering or relaxing, one might recognize value in a working arcade cabinet.


Have a working arcade cabinet. Write down valuable information here.

The ACKade is connected to fuse group A.


  • The system runs windows with JoyToKey
  • The system boots to steam (with a lot of games) which has a JoyToKey profile 'JoyToKey' connected to it
  • you can also play the jump wheel game
  • We have some retro wallpapers! (They're in the 'My Pictures\wp' folder)
  • When in desktop mode, the 'Browser navigate (mouse)' profile is enabled
  • There is an on-screen keyboard in the task bar

JoyToKey profiles

There are several profiles which are attached to a process. By default, the 'Browser navigate (mouse)' profile is set.

Click here to view the Joy2Key profiles
Browser Jump wheel
Stick 1 (nothing)
White 1 (nothing)
Red 1 left Player 1 jump
Red 1 right Player 2 jump
Yellow left Restart (F5)
Yellow right (no switch)
Stick 2 (nothing)
White 2 (escape)
Red 2 left Player 3 jump
Red 2 right Player 4 jump
Hidden left switch to profile 'JoyToKey' (hold 0.5sec)
Hidden right switch to profile 'Browser navigate (mouse)' (hold 0.5sec)
Browser navigate (mouse)
Stick 1 mouse pointer (slow)
White 1 left mouse button
Red 1 left right mouse button
Red 1 right navigate back (button 4)
Yellow left scroll down
Yellow right (no switch)
Stick 2 mouse pointer (fast)
White 2 left mouse button
Red 2 left right mouse button
Red 2 right navigate forward (button 5)
Hidden left switch to profile 'Browser Jump wheel' (hold 0.5sec)
Hidden right switch to profile 'JoyToKey' (hold 0.5sec)
Cave Story+
Stick 1 WSAD
White 1 Z
Red 1 left X
Red 1 right (nothing)
Yellow left (nothing)
Yellow right (no switch)
Stick 2 (arrow keys)
White 2 .
Red 2 left /
Red 2 right (nothing)
Hidden left switch to profile 'Browser navigate (mouse)' (hold 0.5sec)
Hidden right switch to profile 'Browser Jump wheel' (hold 0.5sec)

current hardware

Click here to view the hardware specs
  • ASUS P5G41-M LE, might be a spare in case of failure P5N7A-VM
    • LGA775 Socket
    • 4x DDR2 667/800 DIMM
    • Currently unknown Audio chip
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3,0GHz Dual Core, no hyperthreading
  • 2x2GB and 2x 1GB RAM, total of 6GB DDR2 800MHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560TI, by Gigabyte, 1GB VRAM (dual 6pin PCI-e PSU connectors), spare MSI Geforce GTX 470, with aftermarket Zalman cooler (requires fan header on mainboard!), 2x 6pin PSU connector
  • 320GB Western Digital Blue HDD
  • Samsung DVD writer
  • Unknown brand Multi-Card Reader
  • MS-Tech 550@ Power Supply
  • OEM Case MiniATX , labelled "boXXed".

Arcade cabinet specifications :

  • Black cabinet with red stripes , labelled "Royal Video:
  • 4-axis joystick (1 per player)
  • 3 square buttons (3 per player)
  • 1 buttons seems to be missing
  • 2 rectangular buttons (start/select)
  • 2 round buttons (below 2nd player controls for credits, nr of player)
  • 19" LCD Screen, 1280x1024 60HZ
  • Stereo speakers in top

Controller specifications :

  • Arduino Mega 2650 rev 1
  • 2 Slots for tokens/coins

ideas and improvements

To Do:

  • Check emulators
  • Check games
  • Anything else that you think should run on the cabinet, please keep it arcade-only though
  • It would be cool to add extra controllers (read: jump pads) to the arcade. Connections need to be flexible and firm. Note that in the bottom left drawer of the ACKade, there is some material to add some external controllers.
  • Steam big picture mode currently doesn't play well with the joystick naviation. This needs work.


Xopr really wanted to see the ACKade working, and a challenge ran for 13 months. The winners were:

  1. stuiterveer for doing all the wiring and working on steam
  2. Prodigity for also doing wiring and various tweaking
  3. Da Syntax for some tweaking and physical labour
  4. PsychiC for doing spec inventory
  5. Computer1up for GPU upgrade (attempt)
  6. Vicarious for providing means for coin slot button mechanism
  7. AmazingMike for thougougly testing


Click here to view the change log


  • Finished the hardware upgrade and basic software install. See current specifications. (Computer1up, Da Syntax)


  • Placed ACKade back in hACKspace. (Da Syntax & Prodigity)
  • Replaced bulky crt with lcd and made bezel black with tape and marker (lol) (Da Syntax & Prodigity)
  • Rewired (ugggghhhh) and reconnected the buttons (Stuiterveer & Prodigity)
  • Installed a few games (Stuiterveer)


  • Installed JoyToKey to support more games (Prodigity)
  • Used black tape to cover scratches in glass plate on back (Prodigity)


  • Steam big picture mode now automatically starts on boot (Prodigity)
  • Tricked steam into accepting (second) controller even though it doesn't have enough buttons (Prodigity)
  • Audio jack on the front of pc is now connected internally and has audio cable hooked up to it (Prodigity)
  • Network cable has been attached to the ACKade and has been placed out of sight. (Prodigity)
  • JoyToKey now has profiles assigned to a couple of games, emulating a keyboard when it has to. (Prodigity)
  • Installed MAME with some ROMS, has its limitations due to the amount of physical buttons. 1 and 2 on keyboard are player 1/2 start buttons, 5 and 6 are for extra coins. (Stuiterveer)


  • Made sure the select button on the cabinet is working by wedging a piece of paper between the button face and switch. This is only a temporary fix, we need to look into using a different holder for the switch. (Stuiterveer)

Location: hACKspace