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|Start date=2018/06/02
|Start date=2018/06/02
|Start time=12:00
|Start time=12:00
|Location=Elzenstraat 4a, Nijmegen
|Location=Elzenstraat 4a, Nijmegen

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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Hackerspace Nijmegen Opening Party
Featured: Yes
State: Completed
Start date: 2018/06/02
Start time: 12:00
End date:
End time:
Contact: Stuiterveer
Kind: Party
Location: Elzenstraat 4a, Nijmegen
URL: https://wiki.hackerspacenijmegen.nl/openingparty/
Fee: 10 euro for pizza/chinese nomz
Short description: Hackerspace Nijmegen houdt een grand opening party!

Hackerspace Nijmegen houdt op 2 juni een openingsfeest, als je interesse heb klik op de link (rechts in het vakje) en dan kan je je opgeven voor het event! Zie hieronder de copy pasta van hun website:


  • presentations? (add your/someone elses contribution)
  • Project PITCHFORK - stef
  • Sphinx passwords - stef
  • lockpicking 101 workshop - stef
  • food in the evening
  • muzak?
  • movies?
  • party?


food will be ordered (probably pizza or Chinese). Please let us know before 17:00 if you want to share in that. Costs will be about 10 euros. This can be done via the registration link above or in person on the day itself.